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Hi. My name is Jessica Cross, I had a daughter Adeline Rebecca December 5, 2017. My midwives were Ashley Phillips and Juanita, I had the most wonderful experience with them, Adeline is our first baby and I was very nervous to say the least. All midwives involved made me feel more relaxed, they really focused on me and my wellbeing as well as my babies. When I went to have Adeline (at Mac) Ashely was with me from start to finish, I had trouble pushing Adeline out as she was upside down, the midwives coached me and helped and really encouraged me, my husband and I both said that when we have a second we will definitely have a midwife, it’s nice knowing that the person you see for 9 months will actually be the person delivering your child. My midwives never discouraged me from pain relief medicine, they respected my decision to have an epidural. I would recommend a midwife to anyone who is pregnant, or at least to look into it if it is an option for them. One of the best parts of having a midwife is the home visits, after being sent home from the hospital the midwife came to my home to do the checkups. It was soooo nice not having to leave my home with a newborn, I live in Haldimand County and they had no problem coming to my home.
Thank you Access Midwives for helping me bring my little Adeline into this world!
Jessica Cross


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