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Delange Family

Both of my babies have been delivered by midwives teams. Our Son who was born in Toronto and daughter, Josie who was born at McMaster was delivered by Erin Frank from Access Midwives. 

I absolutely love and appreciate the support and guidance I received from my Team, Erin, Tamara and Simone. Although things were a little different this pregnancy, especially because of COVID restrictions I never felt that my care was different or less important than it would be at any other time! All 3 of my wonderful Midwives went above and beyond to take care of us, both physically and mentally.

Erin had been at the hospital all day on the Friday before my scheduled induction on the Saturday morning. Little did we know that baby Josie had other plans to arrive on her own terms just hours before I was due to be induced!!! Like the rockstar she is Erin arrived at the hospital to deliver our sweet girl! Luckily Josie didn't keep us waiting too long and we left the hospital a mere 3 hours after delivery so Erin was able to go home for a much deserved rest! I cannot thank her enough for being the strong, committed and knowledgable midwife she is. Your words of encouragement were everything to me then and will always stick with me!

The aftercare received by all 3 of my midwives was exemplary. One of the huge bonuses of midwives...home visits! It is a huge comfort to mum's in those first few weeks to have the reassurance from the professionals that they are doing all the things and to have the help there if they are struggling...and let's face it, we all do! 

Thank you Access Midwives, thank you Erin, Simone and Tamara! I will never forget your kindness and diligence! 

Jess, Josie, Brian and Eddie



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