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Drummond Family

I would like to thank all the staff and Access Midwives for being there and exceeding my expectations throughout my pregnancies. The Purple Team; Tamara, Simone, Erin, and Nicole (with my 2nd pregnancy), were there from start to finish. I have cried, laughed, expressed pain and relief, and went through every other emotion with these women. They were beyond helpful in navigating my feelings and experiences with both my pregnancies; they were gracious and understanding. 

My daughter was born very quickly once we made it to the hospital. Simone was ready to handle this quick delivery. Erin and Tamara were there for our after care and they were exactly what I needed when I was trying to sort out our new life with a newborn (from breastfeeding to my mental health and healing). 

My son was born faster than my daughter, but this time I made it to the hospital to labour there. Tamara and Nicole were there and kept the room calm, trying different positions to ease the labour. Even on a very busy delivery day for Access Midwives, I never felt like a second thought.

Both my babies came into this world naturally and healthy. I feel lucky and grateful for the experiences I had during pregnancy, labour and delivery; I have Access Midwives to thank for that!

Thank you for everything!

Alyssa, Greg, Lennon & Lincoln


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