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Edwards Family

I had such an amazing experience with my team including Amanda, Rachel, Ashley, and Sarah. I also had the privilege of meeting Connie and Genevieve at my baby’s birth on February 16th at Mac. Words will never be enough to express how grateful I am for the work you do! From the very first prenatal visits, I felt empowered, cared for, and respected. Amanda was so knowledgeable and I appreciated her providing me with resources so I could make informed choices for my and baby’s care. Ashley was so incredible at my first in-home visit after baby - I remember feeling so overwhelmed, and by the time she left everything felt so much better!!

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the kindness she brought to my home that day and how much it impacted me. Rachel was fabulous at our home visits too, and I love how she took her time with answering my questions and seeked out answers if she didn’t know them. Connie and Genevieve were amazing at my birth - even though I hadn’t had contact with them beforehand, they were both so encouraging when I was pushing and made the moment he was born extra exciting and special!I am so appreciative for what you all are doing even during this difficult time - the world is a better place because of midwives! I have been recommending you to all my pregnant friends and will definitely be back when it’s time for baby #2.


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