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Elvikis Family

Our baby girl, Adaline Christine Elvikis, was born March 5, 2021, at McMaster with the wonderful help of Genevieve. Here is my husband's point of view as the dad ♥️. 

Forever grateful to access midwives, 

Amy & Greg Elvikis 

“Life is about partnerships, in our business, in our personal lives and now in parenthood. The day I became a father, all of those relationships changed for me. In a heartbeat (it seemed) I had to forge a partnership with our midwife right there in the delivery room. A woman I had only met once before, when she graciously came to our house to see how far along my wife was, looked at me and without hesitation asked me to get involved “make sure she drinks enough” she said and “this is what is going to happen next” - I felt involved. My wife was going through the most consequential moment in her life and Genevieve was at the heart of it. There was no time to ask for qualifications or work experience, we were in the thick of it now and there was no going back. When you picture child birth you think you will be surrounded by doctors and nurses in a hectic delivery room, but there we were, my wife and I and our fantastic midwife embarking on the greatest journey of our lives. She knew what we wanted and needed before we even asked for it, cared for us in a way that left an impression that will stay with us forever. Being a father is about creating a bond with your wife and daughter. Every partnership in my life now revolves around how it affects them. None of it would have been possible without our partnership with our midwife. “ - Greg Elvikis


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