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I am a first time mom and I was very scared of the whole pregnancy and birthing process. After 7 years of trying to conceive we ended up having IVF done and our little miracle baby happened! I knew right away I wanted to have a midwife but my husband and mother were very sceptical because of possible complications. But I just knew it was the best option for me, especially because I was so scared and I knew I’d get the proper care and attention.
A friend of mine referred me to Access Midwives and after my first appointment, I was so sure it was the path I wanted. We had Emma’s team and I have to say all three ladies and the student were absolutely amazing the whole way along. I felt so much more reassured and confident that I could do this with their help. My fertility doctor approved it and on we went. Once my husband met the ladies he also knew it was the best path for us and was more confident.
The day of the birth, my water broke at 4:30pm on the Saturday and I called the midwives asap. Emma’s was so amazing she stayed on the phone with me for a while to calm me down and to help me time the contractions and such. Once at the hospital, all three midwives were prepared and did everything to help my husband and I prepare and get “comfortable”.
We had a quick labour but long pushing, 2.5 hours. Not once did they show any fear or concern they were so confident and helped me feel at ease with how things were progressing. The hot compressed and stretching they did helped sooo much I never tore or anything. Baby came at 11:30pm and was a perfectly healthy baby girl.
The after care and baby care was amazing as well. The extra attention and all the knowledge they gave us along the way made this whole process so much more special!


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