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Hoyt Family

I am so thankful to Access Midwives for helping me have the home birth experience that I dreamed of. The admin staff went above and beyond to help me figure out my health coverage, and then I was followed up by Beth, Rachel and Amanda (+Sarah when I gave birth). All the appointments were great, and they always addressed all my questions and concerns, I looked forward to my visits every time because my midwives and the staff were so kind and supportive.

When you’re pregnant you need someone that will take the time not only to educate you but also to listen to you. Although I wanted one, I did not think I can have a home birth, but Rachel took the time to explain all the details surrounding home birth, and with each visit this dream became more of a possibility. The birth was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced, throughout the whole labour, Beth was supportive, calm, reassuring and overall amazing.

She respected all my choices and made me feel empowered and in control of the whole experience. She will forever be the special person that helped bring my baby boy into the world, I can’t wait to tell him about her one day. To Beth, Rachel, Amanda and everyone at Access Midwifes, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most special birth experience. 



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