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Indiana and Oona

I had both my kids with Access Midwives. My primary was Simone Griffith and secondary was Tamara. Both my births were amazing and the care I received was so great. A big thing for me was the after care I received which was a major game changer, especially with that first birth and everything being so new.

I wanna talk about that first baby, his name is Indiana and the labour and delivery was pretty smooth but 1 week postpartum I had a feeling something was right with this little baby. He seemed not as alert and wasn't eating like usual and my mom was with me and suggested I call the midwife to ease my mind. One of the midwives came to my house in the evening and check the baby. We soon learned he had lost several ounces in only 2 days and then she checked his temperature and although very slightly raised she explained this is concerning. I was so scared and started crying, she told me she wanted us to head to McMaster and that she would call ahead and was amazing at comforting me and reassuring me I did the right thing. As it turns out my son had a bladder infection that had spread and caused a blood infection. I was a mess when I learned this, but what was so amazing was that my midwife came and visited me while we waited to hear what was wrong with our son. We were told we needed to stay 2 weeks in hospital and my midwife came and visited when she could. She was so great and helpful and put me at ease. I am so grateful for the help and support that my midwife and other midwives provided me and I can't thank them enough.

I had requested my midwife Simone Griffith because she had delivered 6 of my nieces and nephews and there wasn't anyone else I could have thought of to help me on this journey, but all the midwives I had with both my pregnancies were amazing women and I am so grateful for there help.


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