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Isabelle Myers

I am so happy to share our experience with access midwives. With my first pregnancy we went to our GP. She delivers babies as well, and we have a good relationship with her. To be honest this experience was flawless, and we ended up going with a midwife for our second child, not because of anything that was lacking in our first experience, but rather for the shear convenience of the midwives office location. Although it started as a choice of convenience, it ended up being the best choice we could have made for our pregnancy. As a result I could never imagine birthing a baby with anyone else again.

For our story, we were lucky enough to work with Elise, Ashley and Lauren as well as Juanita who was a student at the time. All the necessary pieces and parts of prenatal care were there, with the appointments being thorough, patient and informative, but I think the areas where our midwives really excelled were highlighted during the birth and beyond. It was such a wonderful and positive experience to have the person (Elise) who I had gone through all the ups and downs and arounds of pregnancy with, be in attendance to bring my newest most important person, into this world. I gained confidence in a anxiety provoking experience because I knew that someone I trusted and had built a relationship with, who knew my worries and wishes for my birth, would be there to support me and my husband. On that day, I remember leaning over into Elise’s arms while the epidural was happening and being so thankful she was there, helping me, keeping me together. She was calming and caring, confident while still making good clinical choices; she was simply fabulous. Then when it was all said and done, there was something so special in knowing that the person who first touched my daughter, had already spent months listening to her heart, watching her grow, anticipating her arrival and helping my son prepare for his new role as her big brother. It was so personalized, so perfect, and unlike any other experience I had previously had.

Once Isabelle was born, the benefits of a midwife continued to be obvious. I had another young child at home so being able to be discharged early to be followed-up with at home was wonderful, then not having to haul the whole family to the office while I was still recovering was such a privilege. For the first couple weeks we could just focus on our new family while everyone came to us. It really was a memorable experience that had been provided to us by our midwives. Looking back now, I wouldn’t have wanted my experience to go any other way. Thank you Elise, Ashely, Lauren and Juanita, from all of us :)

Kristina Myers

Isabelle Maelle Myers

Born April 5, 2017


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