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Kai Muir

We are so fortunate to have had such an amazing team of midwives at Access Midwives. Elise, Amanda, Kristin and Emma are all outstanding women. They are extremely knowledgeable, passionate and caring professionals.


On May 27, 2021 at 3:50pm we welcomed our sweet little one, Kai Brooklyn Muir, into the world. I was so fortunate to have my long time friend who happened to also be my midwife, Elise Ford, with me every step of the way. The care that Elise provided throughout my labour experience was outstanding. She went above and beyond to help support my husband and I. 

I had the most positive birth and postpartum experience. I went into labour at about 4:00a.m. on the 27th. With the support of my husband I laboured at home  until about 8:45a.m. when I determined it was time to go to the hospital. By that time my contractions were very intense lasting 1 minute and spaced about 3-4 minutes apart. Because my little one was “sunny side up” I was having quite a lot of pressure and pain in my lower back and hip. When we arrived at Mac we met Elise in labour and delivery for my intake exam. Elise determined that I was 4 cm dilated and was just at the brink of entering active labour. We were admitted and got settled into our birthing room. About 2 hours after being admitted I was able to receive an epidural which was a huge relief for me. I was able to fully relax my pelvic floor which allowed me to dilate to a full 10 cm within an hour of the epidural ! Elise announced I was ready to push and the excitement of being so close to meeting our little one started to kick in. We were so lucky to have Connie join us for the pushing and delivery. She was extremely nice and motivating to help me push baby Kai out. Throughout pushing I continued to have hip labour which ended up being helpful to allow me to self direct my pushes. During the pushing phase Elise went above and beyond to help prevent any major tearing. She applied warm compresses to my perineum to help promote gentle stretching to allow our baby to come out. I pushed for just under 2 hours when beautiful Kai entered the world at 3:50pm. She was absolutely perfect right from the start crying instantly when she came out. My husband and I were so overjoyed that we even forgot to look and see the sex of our new little one. After a few minutes our midwives reminded us to check and see what gender our new bundle of joy was. We were beyond excited when we found out we had a perfect baby girl. 


We felt so supported during the recovery period. We were very grateful for the home midwife visits. Genevieve, Elise and Amanda all supported us at home after baby was born. They helped support me and baby Kai on our breastfeeding journey. Without their knowledge, love and support we may have just given up on our chances to breastfeed. With time we have now become successful at breastfeeding and are so grateful for this. We just had our discharge appointment with our team and we are sad to be leaving them. I look forward to when I can be back in their care with any future pregnancies. We would highly recommend access midwifes to anyone who is looking to receive the best care out there! 

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