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Kampen Family

When I found out I was pregnant (first pregnancy) I was encouraged by family and friends to look into a midwife.
After calling around in the area and getting put on 5 wait lists I was a little disheartened.
But I then received a call back from Access Midwives and they were able to take me on.
I could not have asked for a better group of ladies! Simone, Cait, Erin and student Sydney are all absolutely incredible. At my 40 weeks + 2 day appt with Simone, my blood pressure for the first time in my pregnancy had spiked and due to extreme swelling and itchiness I was sent to McMaster to be monitored, where it was decided that baby needed to come out the following day. Erin and Sydney were the team on the day of my induction. They were very attentive, answered all and every question or concern we had with compassion and caring.

They truly were my coaches and cheerleaders throughout the whole labour and delivery process. My husband and I a month later still sit back and marvel at what an wonderful experience we had with them during labour and delivery.
With high blood pressure I had to be closely monitored postpartum and the fact that they come to your home so you don’t have to venture out with a newborn made for such a relief!
Our care postpartum up until this point has been remarkable!
Thank you Access Midwives for this phenomenal experience! You will be our very first call down the road if we get pregnant again!

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