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I’m so happy we were suggested by close family friends to call “Access Midwives” and book an appointment with a midwife as soon as we knew we were pregnant. The whole experience was fantastic from clinic visits leading up to the labour and delivery, to the delivery, and then the home visits that followed!
Midwife Erin delivered Levi, and she was absolutely amazing at keeping me as calm and collected as possible during the labour and delivery. And once Levi was here there was so much that went on behind the scenes that I had no idea about being a first time mum and she and midwife Emma were so amazing at catering to me and the baby and making sure everything was going well for both me and baby! I never realized how many different “hats” midwives wore until truly experiencing the labour and delivery and seeing how well Erin and Emma executed everything! And Erin even helped wheel me to our room after she was done doing everything with me and Levi in the delivery room. And the next day she came and checked in on me and Levi at the hospital! She was so amazing with everything, and I can’t get over how smoothly everything went and how attentive she was through the whole experience, and I’m so glad we chose to have a midwife for our first pregnancy! And we can’t wait to do it all again when we have more kids in the future!


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