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Liliana Flores

First off I'd want to state how extremely grateful I am to have come across Access Midwives. Truly, truly blessed to have met such incredible, and very knowledgeable women and I miss them soooo much!

I am a first time mom and once I found out I was pregnant during a pandemic I was filled with anxiety and worry. Through friends I heard about Midwives but never really understood what they did, I guess I was not well educated as I assumed they were only for home births. However a quick Google search lead me to find the closest centre, Access Midwives. I pretty much read through every page on their site and learned quite a bit, including OHIP cover this incredible service! This pretty much convinced me to try it out. I filled out the online form and was contacted fairly quickly! 

I was paired with the purple team (my fav colour) and was set up with my first appointment with Erin and Nicole. From there I met with Simone at my next appointment then Tamara. I loved that they made it a point that I meet with each member of the team at least once. I was so comfortable and happy with the care I received during my pregnancy, again, especially during the pandemic where I was even more nervous and worried. The paging service is also incredible and they are very responsive so you aren't sitting for too long in worry. (Used it more during the end of my pregnancy and beginning of pp) Nicole you ARE A SUPERSTAR! 

At the hospital I met up with Nicole (student) and Erin, they had everything ready to check me in so I didn't have to worry about anything. Throughout my labour and delivery I felt like I was taken care of and was not afraid of what was to come. The tub REALLY helped. Never did I feel pressured to do something I wasn't comfortable with, and Nicole was very reassuring and informed me of all my options constantly. That really helped me and made me and my husband feel more at ease when making decisions.

Post care was mostly Nicole and Tamara and I could not be any more happy with the care and support I received from both! I especially appreciated them speaking to me about how I was I feeling mentally, it spoke volumes to me as my baby was their focus but also took me into consideration as well. They took every precaution when doing home visits so we always felt safe.

Liliana, Ian and myself miss the team so much! If and when baby number 2 comes around we'll definitely be coming back! 

I don't know how my husband and I would have managed the ups and downs of pregancy and pp without them! 

Thank you so much!! 

With lots of love,

Ian, Rebeca and Liliana 


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