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Luke and Allie

Having a midwife was life changing! I still think about our midwives often, and thank them for the amazing care they provided not only myself and my babies but my family too.

I didn't have a midwife for my first child, and I regret it in so many ways. It was my first baby, and I have to admit I was unsure of what a midwife even was and what kind of care they provided. However with my second babies (yes twins) I was lucky enough to have 2 wonderful midwives and a student midwife by my side. I was fortunate to have the care of a midwife during my twin pregnancy because I had already been in their care for 3 months before we found out it was twins. I was also cared for by an OB because I was high risk, but the relationship and genuine care I felt from the midwives was unexplainable and not even comparable. They took amazing care of me during my prenatal visits. They never made me feel rushed, and they were always patient and thorough with the zillion questions I always seemed to have. They coached me through my labour in such calm, soothing and motivating ways, they advocated for me, and made me feel better than I ever thought possible during those long labour hours. In fact, one midwife in particular (Simone), inspired me so much during my pregnancy and labour, that I took a course on becoming a birth coach so that I can hopefully touch other women's lives like she did mine.

Not only were these empowering women there every step of the way for the delivery of my twins, but they supported me during those hard breastfeeding days, and postpartum questions and hormones weeks after delivery.  I still can't believe that the midwives come to your house to not only check the well-being of the babies but the well-being of the Mom (mentally and physically) and the family. I remember trying to get out with my first son to get to the doctor for his checkups. It was very stressful, and I did not receive near the same care and love.

They are on call whenever you need them. They answer your questions, they make you feel comfortable and at ease. You get to know them personally and you don't just feel like a number. I couldn't imagine pregnancy, labour and the aftercare any other way than with a midwife. In fact, I wish so badly I could have a 4th baby to experience the care of a midwife again. It is simply wonderful and unforgettable.


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