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Hello, my name is Victoria Cowell. My midwifery team consisted of Connie, Elise and Kristen.

I gave birth to my daughter, Oceana, February 14th, 2016 with Access Midwives.

I gave birth to my son, Joseph, November 4th 2018. I have received exceptional care with both pregnancies! Despite being quite the sick expecting mom, the midwifery team always made sure I was comfortable and relaxed- doing everything possible to help my situation in office and in hospital. I absolutely loved being able to call the Access Midwives pager line at any given time, day or night, if I had any concerns for myself or the baby during pregnancy and after birth. Having a midwife is a much more personal experience rather than going with an OB as I had with my first pregnancy. I also enjoy having the midwives come to our home for the first few weeks after birth.

Elise Ford was with me for my entire L&D experience. She spoke in a way that kept me calm, relaxed but also let me know what was going on every step of the way. When it came time for the epidural and pushing, Elise coached me the entire way.

I’m grateful for the team I had. They do not disagree with your personal preferences or decisions. They do not try to push different choices on to you. I’d say midwifery care is also like having another friend by your side.

Although I’m not having any more, if I had to- I would be right back to Access Midwives! I recommend going with midwives or giving it a try at least.

Thank you to my midwifery team and the ladies who work in office.

Victoria Cowell


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