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I just want to say a huge thank you to my green team. 

I had Ashley as my midwife for my first pregnancy and I absolutely adored her, she is so calming, supportive and reassuring. Anytime I had any concerns or worries she immediately calmed my nerves. So of course I emailed you guys immediately when I found out I was pregnant again so I could be on Ashley’s team lol! 

I also had Susannah and Lisa and they both are just so so so wonderful. I honestly wish you guys could be my regular dr! Lol, Susannah is so sweet and I felt like she really took care of any issues I had immediately and always felt like I was a number one priority with her. 

She was also very patient with my toddler haha and made a huge impression on her. She now always talks about the midwife 😂 and her little picture of my toddler is up on the fridge.  

Lisa was so amazing as well. She made me really feel determined to have this baby quickly! Haha, I definitely didn’t think this labour would go so fast. With my first, my labour was over 30 hours so I figured this time would be half that. But nope Lisa was sure I would go quick. 

Within a couple of hours after my stretch and sweep with her, I went into labour and 6 hours later Oliver was here.  

I really really appreciated Susannah's coaching during labour. 

My first was hard as I had rolling contractions and was terrified this time around. I wanted an epidural immediately but Susannah told me they're more than likely just wasn’t enough time.  

There was just something about the way she spoke with me during labour I just completely 100% put my faith in her and trusted her. I was scared to lose control and not be able to handle it but she was right there letting me know I could do it and really getting me through those contractions. I was scared to break my water but she reassured me If we did id have my baby in my arms shortly after. She definitely was right!! Within 15 minutes of breaking my water, I had Oliver in my arms.  

I was telling Susannah at my last appt with her it’s bittersweet getting to know your midwives and building a connection and having them a part of something so important and then after your last appt, you don’t get to see them anymore.  

I want to thank Ashley, Susannah and Lisa (Jamie and barb at the front desk as well!!! ) you have been such a hugely important part of my baby journey. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me and my family. 💗💗💗💗


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