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Phillips Family

I’m a first time mom so pregnancy, birth and post delivery care were completely new to both my husband and I. Navigating all the information out there can be very daunting, so we reached out to Access Midwives right after I found out I was pregnant and are so thrilled we did! We worked with the purple team (Simone, Tamara, Erin and Sarah) and each one was lovely and so very helpful with all aspects of this journey. They kept us calm and helped us through some difficult situations that came up including gestational diabetes. The midwives were completely involved and our primary care even through the issues that required other health care professionals.

Our beautiful Liam was born after a long induced labour, and vaginally, which surprised everyone as little progress was happening for quite some time! Liam had jaundice that needed to be treated with phototherapy and the midwives were with us through the entire process to offer us reassuance and caring support. Having them visit us in the hospital and then in our home after discharge made our lives so much easier and helped us to gain confidence with breastfeeding and answer questions regarding all those things new parents worry about (and there was a lot.. lol). Both my husband and I can’t imagine having a baby any other way now and are so grateful for our midwifery care! 


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