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Pieterse Family

Two very close friends of mine recommended Access Midwives to me while we were at our friends sons birthday party. I was going back and forth between an OB or midwifery care. To them it was an absolute no brainer, they each shared their experience with the midwives (I believe they had Tamara and Simone) and boasted about how the care was much much more nurturing and one on one. That following week I was so delighted to finally make my decision and decided to call Access Midwives and book an appt. Being a first time mom who suffers from anxiety I was worried about most common normal things, from cramps to the vomiting you name it so when I finally met with Cait all of those anxieties were put at ease. I was actually able to hear the babies heartbeat at that appt, and from then on it was a piece of cake.

My prenatal care was seriously so amazing- Emma and Kristen who were also my midwives were so so kind and helped answer any questions I had. Fast forward to the birth, COVID was fresh and the midwives took every precaution to help ensure our safety. I was so impressed with how they navigated their way throughout this world wide pandemic. After 36 hours of labour, severe dehydration, an allergy to the epidural and our daughter getting stuck in the birth canal causing her rate to rise- it   ended in an emergency C-Section. Kristen took such great care of us, and my husband and I trusted her completely.

She remained calm throughout the whole process and when the pain was at its worst I felt light and hope as she guided us through. I truly want people to know how not only lucky we were but how grateful we continue to be to Access Midwives for enduring such a safe delivery for our beautiful daughter. When panic ensued Kristen new exactly what to do and made sure our daughter arrived, I was thrilled that she was the one that handed Aria to me. The post natal care was a little different due to Covid however, we had two at-Home visits in which proper PPE was worn as Emma and Kristen did their thing, and one over the phone appt.

At the final 6 week appt we were able to go into clinic and I was able to see Cait one last time, it was bittersweet because she was there for the first appt and the last one! I already made sure that when it comes time for our second that Access Midwives would take me on as a patient again (Have to have a planned C-section next time forsure) because that is how happy I was with the devoted care these women provided myself and my daughter with. I also want to mention are amazing the receptionists at the front desk are as well! Thank you Access Midwives, We will forever be grateful for you!! 


Love Stephen, Samara and Aria Pieterse  


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