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I was so grateful to have delivered my first baby, Stella in November of 2017 by the “Blue team”. I was told about midwifery by a family member who had delivered her second child with Access. Her recommendation was to contact Access as soon as I found out I was pregnant and I did. She told me that she wished she had of known more about midwifery to have pursued it with her first son and after having experienced pre and postnatal care as well as labour and delivery with Access, I now know why. I loved having the opportunity to meet my midwives early in my pregnancy which was very different from what I understand of an OB’s care. I always felt well taken care of by the Blue Team and Access support staff, even with some shuffling of midwives after my primary midwife delivered her own baby ahead of term. I was happy to have met 5 different midwives during this time and I experienced a wonderful labour and delivery with Lynnlee Spencer and Sarah Donnelly-Hyde. My midwives were more than professionals responsible for my health and baby’s care, they were emotional support and were always accessible for any concerns or questions, which as a first time Mom, was frequent. Anytime I am speaking to an expectant mother or am asking about my experience with midwifery, I have nothing but positive things to say, especially as it pertains to the at home visits following delivery and the 6 week postnatal care. I hope that I have an opportunity again with Access with our second when the time comes.


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