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I am a 3 time client of Tamara’s. I had my first Baby, a daughter (Evangeline) Oct. 2008 and had although I wanted a home birth, ended up at hospital due to her being posterior and a very long attempted home birth. I laboured at home as long as I wanted to and my wishes were honoured by Tamara and her team. She continued to try different positions and labour techniques at home, while informing me of her recommendations. I loved how I was in charge of my labour, and how Tamara provided me with the information I needed to make an educated decision on what the next steps needed to be. After a long labour at home, I chose to go to the hospital, feeling satisfied that we literally tried everything at home. At the hospital I received an epidural and the baby was born a few hours later. What blew me away was how Tamara and her team cared for not only my physical health, but the emotional and social components too. Communicating with anxious family members on my behalf, and ensuring I was feeling comfortable and my voice was heard throughout the whole process. The continuity of care is amazing! When I became pregnant again less than a year later, Tamara and her team got me back on their roster. I chose not to have any ultrasounds, and at my 20 week appointment, two heart beats were detected by fetus-scope. I agreed to get an ultrasound which confirmed that I was carrying twins. To my disappointment I needed to be referred to an OB, but Tamara agreed to continue to support me through my pregnancy as secondary care provider. When it came to deliver the twins, Tamara was there during the induction, knowing my wishes and advocating for me to the nurses and OB. She ended up still being a major source of support and the OB was more of a formality. The postpartum care was especially amazing. Home visits are so appreciated when you have newborn twins and an 18 month old. Tamara and her team coached me on nursing twins in the comfort of my home. Ellieana & Reanna were born May 2010. Baby #4 (Adelaide) was born July 2012, and although this pregnancy was relatively normal, baby flipped breach the day before her due date. This resulted in me requiring a C-Section. Tamara again was there throughout the surgery, advocating for me and comforting me in anxious moments. She was able to follow up with me in my postpartum care and visited me at home while I recovered. My experience with Tamara and her team was so incredible. They are a special part of our birth stories and we are so grateful for their services!


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