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William Michael Cardwell

William Michael Cardwell born May 30th, 2012

There are not many words I can use to describe the experience we had with Access Midwives. I am so thankful for their support throughout both of my pregnancies and letting my sons health, as well as my physical and emotional well-being, be at the forefront of every appointment. I recall having an appointment with my primary midwife Simone, and I was telling her all about how I thought the Xavier was doing, and how William was doing as a big brother, and that feedings with Xavier were going according to plan etc... and she stopped me mid-sentence and asked how I was doing... when you deliver a beautiful baby, everyone is so interested and focused on the baby that they forget about the mother. I always felt like I was important to the midwives. That my feeling, thoughts, opinions mattered.

All the midwives have helped us through a couple of trying times through both of my pregnancies. My husband and I advocate for midwives any chance we get. Not only are they a support system for the baby, They are a support system for the husbands and other family members.

We always felt like family at access midwives. And we will always feel part of the family.

Forever grateful,

The Cardwell’s
Krista, Bill, William & Xavier


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