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With our first pregnancy, having midwives to walk us through the pregnancy and support us once the baby was born was such a gift. We honestly don't know how people have babies without midwife support! My husband and I always talked about how heard we felt - both in our visits, but also if we ever had to call the midwives if we were scared or concerned about something. We learned SO much about pregnancy and birth, it really made us feel more confident and calm during the pregnancy. They calmly educated us on all of our options, which made us feel like we had control and choice throughout the process. Having the team of midwives that we knew well once it came to the birth was also crucial to keep me as calm and centred as possible throughout the birthing process. After our baby was born, the midwives helped us learn everything - from swaddling, to changing diapers, giving us breastfeeding and sleep tips! We know that things went as smoothly as they did because of their support! I would highly recommend midwives for any pregnant woman!

Our second pregnancy was twins! Because this is a higher risk pregnancy, we had to have an OB, but also had shared care with our midwives. Our OB was wonderful, but, having the support of midwives throughout the process (and once the babies were born) gave us a level of calm we wouldn't have had otherwise. Many times I would have an OB visit, and realize that I had a bunch of unanswered questions or concerns after the visit was over. I would call the midwives, and they would answer all my questions, give suggestions, and generally make me feel incredibly calm and heard. Our midwife Ashley came to our birth - and she was so helpful and grounding. Having had an OB, I didn't end up knowing the nurses and doctor that delivered the babies. Although they were extremely nice, having Ashley (someone we knew and trusted implicitly) there to support us was a wonderful gift. Once the babies were born, there were some weight issues that needed to be resolved. They were so knowledgeable, and open to getting feedback from my lactation consultant. Our feeding issues were resolved so quickly! I would highly recommend midwives for any pregnant woman!


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