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My husband and I welcomed our son Zeke into the world with the help of our midwife Sam. From the very moment I met Sam and Sarah, I felt more confident than I had ever before. As a first time mom, I was extremely anxious about the birth and really most of all, postpartum.

Sam was so supportive when it came to the birth. My water broke two and a half weeks early, she met me at the hospital and was there for the majority of the time, along with other midwives to help. Because I was in labour for three days and my contractions weren’t getting stronger, my care was transferred and shared between OBs and Midwives. Every time the OBs came to check on me, Sam or another midwife was there to help explain the process, and keep my emotions at ease. My biggest worry was I did not want to have a C-Section unless it was completely necessary and babe needed to come out. Sam and the other midwives respected my wishes and were patient and supportive through the whole, long time.

After three long days, we welcomed Baby Zeke into our lives.????

After he arrived, Sam and Sarah were both there to help make sure I had everything I needed, and that Zeke was doing alright.

This was especially important to me, as Zeke had some head swelling that made me very nervous. Everyday for the first 10 days Sam or Sarah checked on us both. Their care continued for 6 weeks postpartum to check on us, it was one of my favourite things getting ready for my midwife appointment. I don’t know what I would have done without their help!

As a first time mom, my midwife Sam was truly the biggest support person for me through the birthing process. I can’t wait to see her again!


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