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Hi. My name is Jessica Cross, I had a daughter Adeline Rebecca December 5, 2017. My midwives were As...
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My name is Rasha and my daughter is Azal. My experience with midwives was very good and it was very...
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Carew Family
All three of my babies were born with the help of Access Midwives.  Ivy (5), Camden (4) and Adelaid...
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Casey Family
I had my daughter on May 21st, 2018. I've had 2 children previous but, I've never had a midwife. I c...
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Dailey Family
I had the pleasure of sharing my pregnancy and birth experience with Access Midwives. At the time of...
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Duhig Family
We used Access Midwives and had Kristin, Kristi, and Connie as our Midwives. I couldn’t be more th...
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I am a first time mom and I was very scared of the whole pregnancy and birthing process. After 7 yea...
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Freer Family
I just wanted to say that everyone at Access Midwives is amazing! All the staff are great, and my mi...
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I was a client of Access Midwives in 2016 while I was pregnant with my daughter (with team Pink, I t...
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Harper and Willow
I decided to use a midwife for my pregnancy and birth because my sister had such success and great e...
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Indiana and Oona
I had both my kids with Access Midwives. My primary was Simone Griffith and secondary was Tamara. Bo...
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Isabelle Myers
I am so happy to share our experience with access midwives. With my first pregnancy we went to our G...
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Our son was born October 12th, 2017 at St. Joseph's Hospital. The road to getting pregnant was a lon...
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I cannot say enough great things about my experience with having a midwife, and with Access Midwives...
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Landon Family
When I became pregnant there was no doubt that I would choose a midwife and during my pregnancy, tha...
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It was so exciting to be pregnant, but also so scary! I struggle with anxiety, and having the midwiv...
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I’m so happy we were suggested by close family friends to call “Access Midwives” and book an a...
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Luke and Allie
Having a midwife was life changing! I still think about our midwives often, and thank them for the a...
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McKillop Family
My partner and I had gone through two years of fertility treatment, and when we finally found out th...
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I am always excited and eager to share our experience with Access Midwives. However, I often find it...
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Hello, my name is Victoria Cowell. My midwifery team consisted of Connie, Elise and Kristen. I gave...
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Payton and Liam
I have had the privilege of using Access Midwives for three of my deliveries as well as the compassi...
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Phillips Family
I’m a first time mom so pregnancy, birth and post delivery care were completely new to both my hus...
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Princess Akeelah
Just want to say thanks again for everything. My experience at Access Midwifes was very good. Thank ...
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I was so grateful to have delivered my first baby, Stella in November of 2017 by the “Blue team”...
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Surro and Sasa
With these letters, we would like to thank all the midwives access team (especially Tamara and Simon...
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The Longridge Family
Hello! I just wanted to share... I had Sam and Sarah as my midwives from Access Midwives. They were ...
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Topp Family
We had a lot of changes of team members through our pregnancy, some had quit to other locations, som...
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Trace Family
I am a 3 time client of Tamara’s. I had my first Baby, a daughter (Evangeline) Oct. 2008 and had ...
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I was one of the first patients at Access Midwives and never looked elsewhere for the delivery of ou...
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William Michael Cardwell
William Michael Cardwell born May 30th, 2012 There are not many words I can use to describe the exp...
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Wright Family
With our first pregnancy, having midwives to walk us through the pregnancy and support us once the b...
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Xavier Lyndon Cardwell
Xavier Lyndon Cardwell born August 30th 2014
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My husband and I welcomed our son Zeke into the world with the help of our midwife Sam. From the ver...
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