Prenatal: Before delivery

Prenatal: Before delivery...

Prenatal care is required for all of our clients.  These visits are not only a safeguard for your health, but give you the opportunity to learn more about your body and your baby as the pregnancy progresses.  Care includes monitoring maternal and fetal well being, as well as lots of time for questions and discussion.

After your first visit, which is about an hour in length, your visits typically last 30 minutes.  This allows for ample time to discuss any ongoing concerns you may have as well as conduct the clinical provisions such as blood pressure, weight gain, nutritional status, fetal growth, fetal heart rate and fetal position.

Your first visit:

Your first visit with us is about an hour long.  The midwife will go over your health history, explain how midwifery works and provide you with a chance to ask questions.

Student Involvement...

We are a teaching practice affiliated with the Midwifery Education Program of McMaster University.  Students are present throughout the year and must participate in all aspects of client care.  Students at the second and third year level conduct births as well as provide pre and post natal care.  We are committed to ensuring that the quality of care we provide is improved and not diminished by the presence of students.  You may choose whether or not you wish a student to be involved in your care.

Contacting Your Midwife...

Feel free to contact our office with your non-urgent concerns.  Each midwife team is in clinic on specific days during the week, and your call will be returned on their next day in to the office. If it seems you have a problem that must be dealt with immediately, use the pager number provided to you at your first visit regardless of the time of day.  

For more information please call us at (905) 546-5002


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